Dr. Sanjay V. Shah
M.D. (Paed)

Dear Vrajeshbhai Patel
I had examined Ku. Chaitra, F/6 yrs. about 3 w's ago and am happy with the improvement in her condition of Cerebral Palsy. I am hopeful that further treatment at your clinic will prove to be most beneficial to her.

Dr. K.R.Buch , M.D., D.M. (Neurology)
Consulting Neurophysician

Dr. Vrajesh C.Patel has been taking care of a number of patients Diagnosed to have muscular dystrophy by me. He provides magnetic Stimulations in his own peculiar way which seems to definitely help a significant number of myopathy patients. A few are indeed better, and most report satisfactory improvement. It is quite obvious that the deterioration as expected by natural history or the disease is favorably altered. I wish him best of support in his attempt to scientifically get his method established.

Dr. D. K. Patel
Child Specialist

Dr. V. C. Patel whom I know personally, has treated patients of Muscular Dystrophy & Thal. Minor. It has been noted that muscular dystrophy patient undergoing his therapy, there is constant reduction in various enzymes levels i.e. CPK, (Total CPK, CK MB, LDH, SGPT.) toward normal levels but not reaching to base line level.

It was observed that there is marked relief in symptoms, increasing quality of life & hopes of patients towards there disease & life. I am impressed by work done by him in cases like muscular dystrophy where there is significant improvement in clinical condition of patients. This observation conclude that his treatment is highly effective in patients of muscular dystrophy. In Thalassemia patients it was observed that there is constant increase in haemoglobin level.

From the heart of hearts I wish Dr. V. C. Patel a great grand successful bright future.

P. Lakshmi Narayana
Hyderabad, A.P., INDIA.

My name is P. Lakshmi Narayana, F/o. P. RITVIK 8 years. I am from Hyderabad and working in Govt. Service. In 2005, We observed that my son was not able to climb steps and use to trip and fall down while walking and use to lie down on floor and play with toys. We visited a pediatrician who suggested certain tests and later confirmed that my son was suffering from MUSCULAR DYSTOPHY (DMD). Doctors advised certain steroids / medicines and physiotherapy. He was very cranky and temperamental and had irregular bowel movement and was irritable. We were apprehensive of giving steroids and on advise gave him Ayurvedic medicines for six months. We observed that his strength was decreasing and there was spine curvature and he use to walk on his toes and his calf muscles were bulged. Later we came to know of Sri BHUSHAN, Wing Commander, Indian Air Force who recommended us to approach and get treated from Dr. V.C. Patel ( Dada ) of Baroda. We contacted Dada and sent reports and visited him in April, 2006.

Dada gave us assurance of his way of treatment and asked us to follow the strict diet schedule. His treatment involved light electrical stimulation at different nerve points in the body and Ayurvedic medicines prepared by him. We took the treatment for four months at his residence in Baroda and found that he has responded well and able to climb steps though with difficulty. His general health look better. He had his regular bowel movement and displayed normal temperament and use to listen to our instructions. We found that his muscle mass has improved and general well being was evident. We took the treatment again in 2007 for four months with around 15 hours per day treatment. He is presently, showing good health and his spine curvature has lessened. Though he is not able to walk on his own legs, he is able to walk with calipers and following the diet and other exercises with medicines and we are hoping that he would gain strength slowly and be able to walk. We have full faith in DADA's treatment and hoping for the best and would recommend people to take treatment from DADA.

Jaimin B. Shah

I came to UK on 6th November-2005..Since that day I haven't got any specific problem over here...infact compare to India, I am feeling very well here..I walk atleast a hour every day...this the routine work..Apart of it, I am regularly doing exercise by using twist and shape..this is the very good exercise for legs and waist as well..Though I gained some weight over here I haven't got any problem...

Only problem is while climbing staircase where I need some support to climb..which is same as before..

Bhailalbhai V. Jadav

I am Assistant Police Sub-Inspector, Bhailalbhai V. Jadav, residing at Hirva-Rasala Railway Police Line, Raopura, Vadodara.
In the year 2000 I was injured due to Bomb Blast held at Vishvamitri Railway Station. Due to side effect of my allopathic treatment my veins were blocked and the necessary circulation was stopped. Because of this effect, my hip bone ball (hip joint) was damaged and my right leg was paralyzed. After this I started my treatment at Government hospital Jamnabai, Vadodara and also visited most of the orthopaedic doctors of Vadodara city and they told me that, there is no medical treatment for my injury and I will become Handicapped after six months.

I started treatment at Shiv Shakti Chetna Kendra, Ambica Part-3, Chhani, Vadodara in the year 2003. I was under Dr. Vrajesh C. Patel’s treatment for three years .  Because of his treatment & hard work, at present, I live a normal life & perform my duty very well. I am really very thankful to Dr. Vrajesh C. Patel for giving me a new life.


Shiv Shakti Chetana Kendra
13-B, Ambicanagar-3, outside Chhani Jakatnaka, Near Narmada canal, Vadodara-390002. Gujarat, India, Phone: +91-265-2761952