"Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease."~ Hippocrates

Nature cure was practised in ancient India. In India, the main sources of knowledge about Nature cure remains in the Vedas, the divine books of knowledge.

Modern-day naturopathy can be traced to the concepts of Sebastian Kneipp (1821-1897), Louis Kuhne (1844-1907), Adolf Just (1838-1936), and Henry Lindlahr (1853-1925). Father Kneipp, a German priest, opened a 'water cure' centre. Lindlahr systematized naturopathy and opened a sanitarium and school in a Chicago suburb. Adolf Just wrote many books to popularize the system, one of them being Return to Nature, which attracted Mahatma Gandhi to the system.

The philosophy of naturopathy is to treat the root cause of disease by stimulating the healing power of the body as it believes that the body has the inherent ability to heal itself with the help of its vital force.

The gross body is made of the five elements, Aakash - the space, Vayu - the air, Agni - the fire, Prithvi- the earth, Jala - the water. The imbalance of these elements is the main cause of disease.

Naturopathy offers cure for a whole person, not for the disease.

The aim is to cleanse the body, rebuild the person and teaches him/her to live in harmony with his/her self and the environment.

The goal of naturopathic practice is to treat the underlying disorders and to restore normal body functions by enhancing the body's own healing abilities.

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