"Where there is a will there is a way"

Vraj Therapy is a holistic therapy, which draws on the principles of Yoga, Naturopathy and Ayurved. Treatment varies from person to person as each person is a unique individual, of unique heredity, unique bio-chemical structure with a unique mental background living in a unique environment.

Vraj therapy focuses on giving the massage with the help of a stimulator supplemented by herbal extract, oil massage and diet.

Vraj therapy is helpful in a wide variety of disorders. It restores energy balance in the body and enables the bodys own healing mechanisms to prevail. This therapy not only gives the entire body an external massage but also provides absolutely unique exercise of the internal organs.

The digestive functions are stimulated so that the correct amount of digestive juices (saliva, enzymes etc.) flow. It removes the toxic matter and poison from the system without injuring the vital parts of the body.

The sympathetic and Para-sympathetic systems are brought into a state of balance so that the internal organs they control are neither overactive nor underactive. The muscles and bones, nervous, glandular, respiratory, excretory and circulatory systems are coordinated so that they help one another.

To summarize, it helps to maintain the physical body at optimum condition and encourage an unhealthy body to become healthy.


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