Dr. Vrajesh C. Patel

Dr. Vrajesh PatelIt is said that God creates each man with a purpose. Some of us pursue it and impact lives during this pursuit. Dr. Vrajesh Patels life itself may not be extraordinary, but what he has been doing for children who come to him with diseases with no proven cure, is quite extra ordinary.

Born in 1952 in a middle-class, conservative, Gujarati family, Dr. Patel was one of two sons and two daughters. Inspired by a vision of Swami Vivekananda, a world- renowned yogi himself, Dr. Patel developed a keen interest in Yoga, at the tender age of 8. Following this interest, Dr. Patel set out to serve Swami Manishanandji of Angareshwar, Bharuch, Gujarat at the age of 24. But due to his younger brothers untimely death in an accident, Dr. Patel had to return to family responsibilities. Unhappy with a regular paying job that was replete with corruption and untruth, Dr. Patel began attending to needy patients, providing relief with his knowledge and experience of Yoga. He began treating them with massage and pranayam. However, he could not treat too many simultaneously, as he had to administer the treatment personally, using his hands, to every patient. It was then that he chanced upon the stimulator, introduced to him by a friend. With the help of this friend, himself a qualified engineer, Dada (or grandfather, as Dr.Patel, is fondly called), customised this Stimulator to produce a weak current in a pulse form. He then applied the Stimulator to parts of his own body to simulate various Yogic Kriyas required to tune the performance of different vital organs, muscles and nerves in the body.

Initially, he treated patients of Arthritis, cardiac, kidney ailments, paralysis, backache etc., until one day (in 1984) his mother told him about his 7-year-old nephew, Mayank, who was complaining of pain in his calf muscles and was refusing to walk. Symptoms like toe-walking, frequent falls were reminiscent of Sage Ashtavakra of the Mahabharata. In absence of lab tests it was difficult to diagnose the nature of the disease and determine whether Muscular dystrophy or not. Mayank was treated by Dada for 3 years and is today on his toes, active and displays no visible signs of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), which was confirmed later by a DNA test in 2001 following more such cases in the family.

Circumstances such as these drove Dada to work with more and more Muscular dystrophy cases, as word of mouth brought patients to his doorstep. Drawing similarities in cases of genetic diseases, Thalassemia, Cerebral Palsy, ALS, SMA, etc., have been treated with great success. The positive results produced by Dr. Patel can be attributed to his in-depth knowledge of Yoga, his experience along the way, his technical ability to innovate and use of a unique Stimulator, his comprtence of recognising his patients Auras and his intuition of finding appropriate and specialized line of treatment for each of them. Above all the persistence and compassion with which every patient is treated as if he were his own child.

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